Lazy Sunday Art Project: Cubeecraft


logoSo it’s sunday. Probably nothing to do right now. Already did your chores and ran your errands, nothing on tv, and no games to play. Well bust out the scissors and start cutting some paper, I’ve got a project for you!

Cubeecraft, pronounced kyoob-ee, is a fairly simple papercraft project. It’s just a figure printed onto paper or card stock that you then cut out and fold together. No glue or tape is needed, unless you just want that extra hold, it’s all tabs and slots for the paper to hold on its own.

These paper toys are really simple, anyone could do them. They seem like a really good project for kids, and even now I can’t stop making them. I’d recommend getting an exacto knife, cause some of the cuts are a bit hard to make with scissors, and I would print them out on card stock  or another thicker type of paper just so they have a bit more stability than printer paper.

I made a few myself. The site is one of the largest sources for cubeecraft templates. They have just about anyone you could think of. From cartoon characters, to video games, to music, movies and television.

Paper Robot Rock

Paper Robot Rock

Paper Billy Mays here!

Paper Billy Mays here!

Paper Space Cowboy

Paper Space Cowboy

Those are a few I made last night. I want to go pick up some card stock and make a few more. Let’s see what you can make. Pick up a template or 10 from and get folding! There is even a blank one you can print off and create your own. Make someone you know, or someone you hate then smash it! Make your favorite characters and put them in scenes together. Post some pictures for us to see!

Source: Cubeecraft and LizLukens on Deviant art for the Billy Mays Cubee


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