Where ya curleh mustache?


tegan and sara No this isn’t another post about Marvel vs Capcom 2. I randomly came across the work of ee storey who is responsible for some of the album artwork for Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan and Sara, but the main thing that caught my eye is this curly mustache T-shirt.

So what’s the deal with Curly Mustaches on the internet [/Jerry Sienfield]. This stuff is everywhere, did I miss something? Every time I see a curly mustache (outside of MvC2) I feel like I’m missing some inside joke.

American Apparel has them:
american apparel

Fingers have them:
mustache tattoo

Necks have them:

mustache necklace

I kind of want to buy that shirt even though I don’t understand it.

sources: American Apparel, ee storey


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One Response to “Where ya curleh mustache?”

  1. Kevin Lee Says:

    you know the difference between me(the educated) and you(the ignorant)? you wear a beret. I wear a beret with a mustache on it. you ignorant goon. curleh mustache is all the rave in paris.

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