So you have Blazblue… Now what?


With the success of Street Fighter 4 it has opened the door to a genre of video games that had only been taken seriously by the few and the dedicated. Along with making people believe that because they hold down back and can beat their friends they can beat anyone in any fighting game. Which has led a good portion of the previously described to pick up Blazblue and get very, very angry. This game is not simple, it involves knowledge of multiple characters, intimate knowledge or your chosen character, and an ability to out think your opponent. SF4 has a high level of play but only a handful are willing to reach it, while most will rely on random Ultras/Supers. Where is this going?

Well if you are really looking to reach a well defined edge in this game I have the perfect site for you to really level up. is an extremely detailed site from the basic things like move descriptions, to amount of frames it takes for a move to come out. There is a section for each character with a complete list of combos both general and character specific, and general strategies when facing different opponents. If you are having any problems with the site or if you can’t grasp what is listed they have a forum that welcome any questions from beginners.

I highly encourage anyone who wants to dedicate the time and energy to be a high level player to visit this site, learn up, and come to the tournaments! Here at Stuff we all very much enjoy the tournament atmosphere and I know Everett and I specifically love competing in them. I hope to see a lot of our readers at the next tournament! Who knows, maybe you’ll take our money? Here are some combo videos just to show you what you can do with this game.



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