Baltimore Weekend Part 2 : Nudashank


The main reason for me going to Baltimore last weekend was to see my friends gallery and to help with their opening. The gallery is called Nudashank and was created by my friends Alex Ebstein and Seth Adelsberger. The gallery itself is remarkable, it functions as their workspace, living quarters, and  of course art gallery. In Richmond we have restrictions on living in galleries that can potentially really limit the starving artist. Enough about that on to the art.

The exhibit was called “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” and featured works by some acclaimed artists including: NIck Van Woert, Jimmy Joe Roche and Bart O’Reilly. The works were all done in black and white scales because that was the theme of the show, Alex and Seth even painted the entire gallery with black shadow lines which added as sense of flow and unity to the gallery.

One of my favorite pieces was called Whisper by Jimmy Joe Roche, it was a hand cut acrylic on cotton rag paper. His works resembled terrifying and intricate Rorschachs. The work was a true beauty to behold in person, up close you go the sense of the time and effort put into it.

Another one that I loved was by Nick Van Woert called Spitting Image. It was made from spit balls, glue and a plaster bust. This was a witty kinda pun of a piece. Many of his works were revamped busts that gave the typical objects a life of their own.


Overall the gallery was a refreshing change of pace from what Richmond has to offer. Not to say any better or any worse, just different. And different is good.

Oh yeah I also got to see Charm City Cakes. You can find more pictures here.


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