500 days of Zooey


500 days of summer

500 Days of Summer hit theaters yesterday, the indie hype movie of the summer (I tried my best to avoid a pun). No this isn’t a movie review, I would have to see the movie for me to review it.

This is about Zooey Deschannel. I’m trying to figure out if she is a real person or another one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters like Bruno. How is it possible to be so ‘indie’? She has a band called She & Him (notice irony) that sounds exactly like you’d imagine indie pop would sound like. Her video for Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? is so quirky and ironic, it makes Wavves look sincere.

She married co-indie expert, Ben Gibbard (they guy from Death Cab for Cutie) and now she has this movie, 500 Days of Summer aka Juno 2 aka Little Miss sunshine: 20 years later.

I always thought the girl of my dreams would randomly notice me listening to Deerhunter in my cardigan. I wish my headphones came with external speakers so everyone could hear what I listen to.


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