I waited for you, Fry…


1235611417_geek-tv-futuramaAnd you came back to us! That’s right, Futurama has been renewed for 26 all new episodes for 2010!

Tanner from UIF sent me a link to the Comedy Central website where they talk about Futurama coming back for a full season in 2010.

It looks like they are bringing back the whole crew. The way it should be, you never take away people from the original cast, it just doesn’t work right  if it’s not a whole set! I’m excited for this. Also I’m pretty impressed they managed to rise from the grave and come back. They mention in the article that this is the second series to do that, and that it’s quite rare. They say it’s attributed to DVD sales and ratings on repeat viewings.

Futurama recently came out with 4 direct to DVD movies, which were then shown on Comedy Central. You can thank sales of these features to getting another season.

Source: Comedy Central (Thanks Tanner)


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