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The sixth Harry Potter movie is now in theaters. I recently saw it, so now you get to hear what I think about the movie. I will warn you, there may be spoilers.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the latest in the Harry Potter movie series to hit theaters. People have high expectations from these movies. They paved the way for other books to be made into movies.

The Gryffindor Trio is in their sixth year at Hogwarts, and they still can’t keep themselves out of trouble. It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter movie without perilous adventures and suspense filled action scenes…it wouldn’t be a book without them either, but books don’t have pictures…books suck. We’ve grown up with these characters in a way, for the last 12 years Harry Potter has been in our faces in some sort of media. Be it books, movies, video games, board games, candies, the list goes on.

Now in the story, Lord Voldemort is back, the Death Eaters are back in full swing, and only Harry can set up this three part story finale. Yup three parts. This movie, plus the seventh that will be cut in half and made into two films, but that’s not the story I’m here to tell.

I’m here to tell you what I thought about the movie. Let’s start with the acting. The acting held up. The actors portrayed their characters very well. The humor was bad. It felt like all they did was write quick one-liners for jokes. Most of which are seen in the trailers, they come off as forced or hokey. It’s almost as if they wrote the jokes specifically for the trailers to get a quick laugh out of the viewer and make them want to see the movie more.

Now as the characters age, they inevitably become teenagers, and with that teenager status comes the hormones. I’ve got to say, the relationships in this movie are freaking creepy. The way they act and talk to the person they’re crushing on is just weird. A conversation between Ron and Harry starts out as an awkward talk about girls, but then turns creepy when they start talking about which girl has the nicest skin. I was waiting for the scene where they wore the skin like a coat and paraded around in front of a mirror. Spoilers: It didn’t happen.

The relationship between Harry and Dumbledore was just scary. I know it’s supposed to be a Mentor/apprentice or Protector/protected type relationship, but the closeness between them is illegal in a few states. The way he almost stalked Harry was weird enough, and the way Harry did whatever was asked, no questions about it. I thought it was strange how Dumbledore would hold out his arm for Harry to take. Seems holding on to a shoulder would have worked just as fine, but the way he put his arm out, instructed him to take it, then when he didn’t nothing was said, it was almost like Harry was his property. Seems everyone in this series is infatuated with Harry, young and old.

Enough about creepy relationships, let’s talk visuals. As usual, the visuals were amazing. That is, the special effects were amazing. The casting of spells, magical items, the way the magic interacted with the world, all of it. Excellent. The apparition scene we are shown gives us not only a look at the contortions the body must go through while in transport, but hearing the shouts of Harry as his first apparition trip let us know that it is not a pleasant experience.

The visual look of the movie had a drab almost colorless appearance. Everything was washed out and almost grey. There were times where the film looked almost black and white. At the same time this appearance works for the memory scenes. When we dive into the memories of Tom Riddle, he is shown in a light that makes him look like a sinister individual, even as a child. This near washed out appearance works for scenes like that, it works with the environment of the scene and delivers it quite well. When the rest of the movie is dipped in this colorless setting, it kind of brings it down.

With the visuals comes the sound. Most special effects wouldn’t work without the right sound accompanying it. The instrumental soundtrack is a key element to any Harry Potter movie. No complaints there, it’s an old standard for this series. The other sound effects work nicely with the movie. As mentioned before, we hear Harry’s shouts when he apparates, we hear the crack of the spells as they are launched from the wands, as well as the exploding scenery when said spell misses.

Was Harry Potter 6 a good movie? Depends on your standpoint for Harry Potter. Are you a fan, read all the books, know the lore, did you dress up for the other movies, have you seen it already 20 times before this review is posted? If you answered yes, then you will like this movie. If you’re more the average person, you might have read a couple of the books, you know the jist of the story, or you just want to see a movie for Friday night? This movie might be a little bland for your taste.

A general consensus from the opinions I received and formed myself, this movie is nearly filler. There was no real climax, no epic fight at the end, no daring plot cooked up by Harry and crew to thwart an evil plan, it was just filler. A set up for the seventh and eighth movies.

If you’re already planning to see this movie then go right ahead. If you’ve had second thoughts about it, I’d wait it out. Pick it up as a rental or OnDemand or something. A few people in the audience actually fell asleep when I was there. I had to hold back laughter when a woman in the crowd started crying when some old dude died.


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