Kids are annoying


simpsons nelson Yesterday I got my first call to work after two weeks. For those that don’t know, I’m a substitute ‘teacher’ (I don’t really teach anything) at a daycare center. What does it mean when people say they ‘like children’? Does it mean they also like adults that are of less intelligence and wisdom? Maybe people like kids because they are easy to influence; nothing builds your self confidence like someone following your every step. Or maybe it’s envy. Remember when it was OK to be stupid?

Personally, I think children are hilarious. Yesterday I heard the first random accusation of atheism since 18th century.

Child 1: “I don’t have to be you’re friend”
Child 2: “Yes you do, if not then you don’t believe in God”

I need to be careful how I choose my friends, gotta make sure I don’t accidentally become an atheist.


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2 Responses to “Kids are annoying”

  1. Kevin Lee Says:

    Kids are the best. I was a camp counselor for 2 years, watching 6-9 year olds. Good times. Funny times. I was solely responsible for about 30 kids a day.

    Now if they are under 6 or over 9, I would assume that sucks. 6-9 is the ideal age.

    I love kids because they are very impressionalbe. I can have a great amount of influence on them. And they are our future, now am I right or am I right?

  2. Nick Towers Says:

    Weird, we have the same job

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