Christina Aguilera can’t play Wii


crwiiChristina Aguilera not only has a name that’s hard to spell, but she has a hard time playing the Wii and the internets have taken noitce. Who is to blame for this?

Of course it’s not her fault that she’s unable to play the Wii. It’s the Wii’s fault that she got hurt while playing Wii Tennis and smacking a table lamp.

First off, You don’t have to swing like a mad man to play Wii Tennis. Secondly, be aware of your surroundings. Wii Tennis isn’t like real tennis. You don’t even really need to swing. You can sit on the couch and tilt your wrist a little. Boom, I just taught you how to Wii. You’re welcome.

I think anyone that injures or breaks something while playing anything on the Wii should have their Wii removed. That’s less painful than it sounds. If you’re such a goon that your sweaty mitt can’t grip a remote while you swing it like a mad man, use the strap. If the strap breaks? You’re doing it wrong.

Source: Showbiz Spy via Kotaku


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