Best Friends Day 8


BFD_Pedro_FINAL-2Once a year every denizen of Richmond’s darkest pits crawls out on their bellies to experience the awe inspiring event that is Best Friends Day. The event unites the drunken hordes into one collective of partying machines. Some of the best stories I’ve heard have been of the shenanigans that ensued and each person has a unique tale to tell. Of all my years spent in Richmond I have not been able to attend Best Friends Day either due to work or school, till this year. This is finally my year to see what everyone has been raving about, better late than never.

Looking at the band lineup I don’t think this year is going to disappoint me what so ever. Torche, Coliseum and Cannabis Corpse are the ones I am most excited about. Especially Cannabis Corpse, I can’t count the number of times I’ve missed out on seeing them at Nara Sushi and hated myself for it. Their blunt inspired metal riffage is enough to melt the face off any man. This year there is also a three day scavenger hunt planned which will prove to be pretty epic. Anyway hopefully I will see you at Hadad’s Lake or along the way. Keep posted for updates.

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