Bikes in video games


gta_bikeFor some, bikes are a part of everyday life. Not for me though, I live in the freaking mountains and I’m out of shape!

MTV Multiplayer has put together a small list of classic uses of bikes in games. My first thought was “They forgot Excite Bike!” but those are dirt bikes, I think the bikes they are talking about are just pedal powered.

What’s your favorite use of bikes in games? I’d have to say mine is the bike in Pokemon! I couldn’t wait til I got that thing. The days before “running shoes” were a dark time without a bike. Your travel speed went through the roof, no longer did you have to trek on foot through caves and down roads. Even better… You could go on “Cycling Road” the ultimate bike path in the Pokemon World.

Then came the running shoes. They kind of stole the thunder from the Bike, but with the bike you don’t need to hold B to run.

Source: MTV Multiplayer via Kotaku


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