Went to the local art store to buy some more humans…


high life

All this time I’ve been wondering how to be more creative, do something really crazy. What random objects can I throw together and call art? People! It’s so obvious, the answer has been literally walking past me each day. Why photograph them when you can throw them on a canvas? Does anyone know where I can get some humans? I asked someone at the local gas station and he gave me directions to a strip bar; I didn’t know places like that have art supplies. I bet imports are pretty expensive. I’m not sure what real humans in art would mean though. Maybe it means that art is more important than life; I think I might donate my body to art instead of science.

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One Response to “Went to the local art store to buy some more humans…”

  1. Kevin wants to be human Says:

    When is the part where she takes her clothes off?

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