Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for July 14, 2K9!


Here is something that should’ve been done last night, today! We are looking at a HUGE week for Marvel with a ton of big titles hitting the shelves. Hopefully I can slim it down to the right titles for the right price. It’s time for Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics!

Agents of Atlas #8 $2.99

– I was originally weary of picking up Agents of Atlas, but boy I’m sure glad I did. This is one of my current favorite series. This issue sees Agents of Atlas leader, Johnny Woo, and trusty robot M-11 leave on a personal mission which happens to be at the worst time as the rest of the Atlas team comes across the Hulk during one of their missions. A lot of smashing to ensue. Check the preview out here.

Amazing Spider-Man #599 $2.99

– American Son sees its conclusion with Spider-Man in the thick of it with Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. With the way the previous issue ended it seems that Harry has made his choice and chosen a side. Plus, Spider-Mans identity revealed during Aunt Mays wedding events to someone that will change their life forever. A must read.

Dark Avengers #7 $3.99

– Have you been reading X-Men Utopia? WELL GET ON IT! This issue picks up with the unveiling of the new Dark X-Men and what Norman Osborn wants them to do. Does it involve fighting between the X-Men and their Dark counterparts? Well of course it does. Especially since it involves Emma Frost (Cyclops’ lady at the moment) who is among the Dark X-Men’s ranks. Scandalous. Oh and now she wears black.

Deadpool #12 $2.99

– I really like Deadpool. No, scratch that. I LOVE DEADPOOL. If you’ve been reading this story arc you already know how funny these past few issues have been. This issue is lining up to be no different. As the ferocity of Hawkeye (Bullseye playing dress up) and Deadpools fight continues they realize they share one thing in common: They love trying to kill each other. Check the preview here.

Mighty Avengers #27 $2.99

– Enter The Unspoken. This powerhouse villain unleashes on the Mighty Avengers, with events happening that affects Dark Reign and War of Kings. We also see some of the internal conflict between the members of this team-up unravel. Check the preview here.

New Mutants #3 $2.99

– The style of characters in New Mutants immediately drew me to them. Whats better than a mutant named Legion who is host to many personalities with many, many powers. Legion has been set loose with the most dangerous of his psyches fighting for control with one thing in mind: kill the New Mutants. Depowered mutant Danni Moonstar goes one on one with Legion but what can she really do with no powers? Check the preview here.

Punisher #7 $2.99

– Frank has a lot on his plate as The Hood resurrects past villains Frank’s killed, gives them better powers, and sicks them after Castle. What is Frank going to do? Probably shoot them. Check the preview here.

Shew, it was really hard to sort this week out. But with these titles we are looking at 21.93! Around $20 bucks so we met our goal.

Since last week was only 17.95 you can use that little bit extra to pick up these titles that didn’t quite make the cut (but I’ll probably end up buying): Air #11 (one of my favorite mystery comics right now), Captain America #601(Its the Cap, need a say more), and Mr. Negative #2 (Mysterious Spider-Man villian who is going toe-to-toe with The Hood).

Here are the titles that I thought were interesting and if I had the funds would pick them up: Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (Neil Gaiman’s collection of Batman stories), Creepy #1 (Darkhorse’s signature horror title returns), Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Comic of the book, that inspired the film Blade Runner), Fables #1 (A re-issue for only a dollar, A DOLLAR!), Preacher Book 1 (A Texas Preacher who discovers he can make people do whatever he says), The Walking Dead #63 (Best zombie comic out there).

That’s it for this week. Go to your local comic store, like Velocity in Richmond, and go buy some comics!

Source: Facebook app Comic Books Beta (without it I’d be lost!)


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