Night of the Living Dead 3D on Comcast On Demand [updated]


I am 30 minutes into this movie and its awful.

I wasn’t expecting much, but its not offering much of anything. The plot is somewhat the same, but they added a couple new scenes to the beginning that are RI-diculous. Once the girl leaves the cemetery where she would normally end up at the abandoned house, she now goes to a funeral home where she runs into the funeral director (Sid Haig of Rob Zombie horror film fame) where he politely asks her to come tomorrow as he is hitting one zombie with a shovel, and pushing another fat zombie with one hand asking him nicely to calm down… Maybe if I prepared to watch this with 3D glasses it might be enjoyable, or if I was watching it with someone else. But watching this for personal enjoyment is not something I’d recommend. The description on On Demand said that it’s a remake with gratuitous nudity. Hopefully that means boobs pop out of the screen if you have 3D glasses.

On a side note, slow zombies are boring to me now. They are iconic in horror, but after 28 Days Later and the remake of Dawn of the Dead slow zombies don’t offer the sense of panic that fast zombies do. I’m not saying I won’t sit down and watch George Romero or Lucio Fulci classics. Just that the newer, faster zombies actually scare me.

Comcast customers can go now to their On Demand menu to see this free title, check it out if you got nothing to do!

[update] Two teenagers having sexual relations in a barn, boy gets eaten, naked girl runs out to truck, she gets eaten. Booyaka, if only I had 3D glasses. There is even a ridiculous Osama Bin Laden reference after this scene explaining why he doesn’t use cell phones. This movie is just getting better by the second.


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