Club Nintendo is finally giving out your rewards. [update]


ds-it-prints-money.490 copyIf you signed up and spent 1 or 2 hours registering your Official Nintendo products (and only Nintendo, no third-party games) and made it to gold or platinum status you can finally reap your reward.

[update] I miss-reported earlier because I overlooked a detail (mostly because I can’t read) and I’ve identified the wrong information with a strikethrough (the line that goes through words).

If you are like me and only reached gold, you can be just as mad that platinum snaked a better deal then we did. While Gold gets a $300 dollar calendar (Registering 6 games for 300 coins) Platinum members gets an exclusive download for Punch-Out! that unlocks Doc Louis as a contender in the ring. Oh wait, platinum gets MORE stuff. Along with the download, these special platinum members get a can also choose a Mario replica hat with the fine print saying “one size fits most.” But not both.


I think a better reward list would break down like this: everyone gets a calendar, Gold gets replica hat, and Platinum gets Punch-Out! download. Those who are eligible for the rewards need to head over to by August 11, 2009 to claim their prizes. What do you think? Lets get those comments burning!


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