Blazblue at the next c3 tourney (7/25)


Blazblue made its way to consoles a few weeks ago and now we have our first VA tourney. And if you’re into Street Fighter 4, you can come for that too. I’d like to see a lot more games being played, but Blazblue is a pretty good reason to come out.

C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

Sup everyone were back in this jam with another monthly!

I know everyone is getting ready for EVO in Vegas, so I leave you with this….


Pre-reg is at 4pm tourney starts at 5pm.

Lets see what everyone learned at EVO WORLDS>>>>

Tournament list:

STREET FIGHTER 4 (3v3 Teams $10 per player)

BLAZE BLUE (2v2 Teams $5 per player)

PEGGLE (1v1 $1 per player)

-cannot have the same character twice on same team
-cannot switch character in any of the team tourneys
-every character allowed in SF4
-SF4 teams will be three rounds a match
-will update rules for BlazBlue and Peggle
-team order can be switched

….WTF is Peggle?

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One Response to “Blazblue at the next c3 tourney (7/25)”

  1. Corey Caudill Says:

    I know I’ll be there, Joe will probably be there too. Also, everett and I will probably be entering the tournament on a team. So come out everyone who reads this blog! (All two of you) Come play against us and we might be giving away stuff… I don’t know, guess you should come out and see?!

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