Baltimore Weekend Part 1, Moon



If you know me then you know I love classic sci-fi. I will take model x-wings strapped with roman candles and six smoking midgets in a latex Jabba costume over CGI any day. Modern sci-fi is lumped in with the big summer blockbuster. These films are either based on comic books or remakes of old television shows and seem thrown together with computers and off the wall special effects. Don’t get me wrong I loved the Star Trek reboot but those films don’t have the life blood that old sci-fi movies had.

This weekend when I went to Baltimore I got a chance to check out a true sci-fi film that sadly isn’t playing anywhere even remotely near Richmond. The film was called Moon; it was the directorial début of Duncan Jones, son of the musician David Bowie.  The film was a throw back to films such as A Space Odyssey and Silent Running, two films that shaped 70’s sci-fi.

Sam Rockwell played an astronaut, Sam Bell, reaching the end of a three year contract that entitled him to work on a moon base harvesting solar energy. The only company he had during these three years was a slightly stupid robot called Gerty, voiced by Kevin Spacey. Gerty was an obvious nod to Hal 3000 from A Space Odyssey, he performs life support functions and basic companionship but you begin to feel yourself unable to trust the mechanical co-star.  Incredibly instead of depending on CGI for this movie they used set design which created a more realistic atmosphere and made the story feel almost believable. Also unlike other sci-fi films the film also depends on a little unheard thing called acting, Sam Rockwell’s performance is incredible and emotional.

I don’t want to give too much away because there are a couple riveting twist and turns in this film but I will say one thing, SPACE MADNESS. Space madness was also a huge theme in the 70’s-80’s sci-fi and this film definitely touches upon that and could we expect anything less from the son of David Bowie. Well I hope someday soon this film will be showing in a theater near RVA but most likely not, so when this film comes out on DVD make sure to purchase it, you won’t be disappointed.

picture courtesy of ony Picture Classics


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