Playstation 3 Fallout DLC Delays


Broken_Steel_liberty_primeSo Fallout 3 DLC is getting delayed for PS3…AGAIN. But this time there are changes with content.

The Xbox received it’s first DLC pack back in January. PS3 will be getting theirs in September. I had originally reported that they would be gettingĀ  Operation: Anchorage at the end of this month. Instead they will be getting Broken Steel in September.

Now this isn’t all bad news. Delays suck, but this way the PS3 gets the best DLC pack first. Broken Steel adds much more to the game than the other DLC packs. It expands from the original ending, and gives the game’s level cap a 10 level boost.

Playstation Blog reports that after Broken Steel they hope to release Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt soon after, and if they can, they hope to release them at the same time!

Get your wasteland survival skills ready for september!

Source: Playstation Blog

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