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telepathe It’s time to play the newest game on Stuff, where we give you a random band and you have to guess what kind of music they play. I think everyone has played this game to find new music; sometimes band image prejudice works better than pitchfork. This band seems kind of easy, there’s so many gimmicks in this picture that give away clues.

This picture is so ‘zany’ that it would be impossible for a band like this to make a sad or angry song. I think they go beyond meaningful zany (i.e. Animal Collective) and are too abstract for meaning. Since there’s only two members, they probably use some dope samples. I’m not sure if the girl on the left is a girl, I think gender is their only subtlety. Lets take a look at some of the gimmicks in this picture:

  • Clothes that look home made or bought at a thrift store
  • Poka Dots
  • Stripes
  • Bright colors
  • Retro face paint and retro backdrop
  • Sweat pants with dress shoes
  • Post-sexuals

I think these gimmicks scream electro. I bet this band has some bangin’ ‘live’ shows, but no one remembers because everyone was so f–ked up. I think some of their lyrics are about club life and “not giving a f–ck.” I’m sure they have one or two covers of songs by Peaches. I think Pitchfork would give a band like this 7/10. What do ya’ll think? Can anyone name this band?



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3 Responses to “Name that band”

  1. Kevin wants to be human Says:

    Apples in New Zealand? Shift Vashti? Red Hot Peanut Butter? I’m all out of names. 7/10 on pitchfork is a given. I think one of the members used to be a roadie with Of Montreal. They are from Georgia.

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