Life Before Internet: No Wave



Remember a time when underground bands didn’t have myspace? Or when people actually looked at art instead of looking at digital copies on Yeah, I don’t either, but sometimes I like to use the internet to pretend to remember culture before the internet. This time I want to ‘remember’ the No Wave movement.

I’d like to think No Wave is one of my favorite genres, it made even the original punk scene sound like pop, and it created the noise rock legends Sonic Youth; how can you not respect that? Even Blonde Redhead gets their name from a DNA song. But the truth is, I can’t stand most of the music, but I guess that’s somewhat of the point. No Wave wasn’t something you ‘enjoy’, it was an experience or a statement. One could say this was punk in it’s purest form. The movement seems pretty vital for what we know today as noise rock, I’m not even sure if My Bloody Valentine would be possible if Lydia Lunch didn’t bash out seemingly random chords with loads of dissonance. I think ‘fans’ of no wave hated it so much that they couldn’t help but to be intrigued by it.
Well there’s my possibly false summary of something I didn’t experience. If you want to learn more, check out the documentary Kill Your Idols or the book No Wave.

Even though a lot of No Wave is unbearable after one or two (or any?) listens, there’s a few (possibly unintentional) ‘bangers’.

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks



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4 Responses to “Life Before Internet: No Wave”

  1. Kevin wants to be human Says:

    Wow, Teenage Jesus and the assholes sound just like You Say Party We Say Die.
    I have to admit, the lead singer for Suicide is just better than me. He knows it, I know it. I’m ignorant, but he knows what the hell life is about.
    DNA would be a fun band to play in.

    • Everett Turner Says:

      Let’s start a DNA cover band. Actually I saw a lot of Teenage Jesus covers, and the lead singer, Lydia Lunch, has done a lot stuff with Sonic Youth. I guess they’re the most successful No Wave band, if there is such a thing.

  2. G ex three vee eye Says:

    Do you know if there is any sort of relationship between no wave and early industrial music? I listened to those clips and immediately thought about Throbbing Gristle. I’ve listened to them sporadically for 10 + years, and I still don’t really like them that much. I keep coming back though, there’s something to that barely listenable not quite music that they make. Example if you haven’t heard them before, from 1978, .

    • Everett Turner Says:

      Yes actually. I’m not sure about that band specifically, but I know No Wave influenced a lot of industrial bands like Big Black. And I know what you mean about coming back to music you don’t really like that much lol.

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