Your jerking days are over Ukrainians!


penisjokeAny Ukrainian readers out there? Yes? No? Well is so, you better hide that porn collection you’ve been hoarding all these years. Yea, I know you’ve got it, it’s kinda obvious. Just don’t let your government find out you spend your nights spankin’ it.

Having porn is now a criminal offense in Ukraine. Also keeping copies of the same image will result in more punishment and you will be charged with porn trading. I wonder if there will be a Ukrainian Prohibition like we had with alcohol. Will there be gangs of porn traders? Caravans of “Best of Big Butts 8” dvd smugglers?

But there is a catch! Porn can be kept as long as it’s medicinal…I wonder if glaucoma is a valid medical reason. I assume “medicinal” means for use in sperm banks, or they have to be dressed like doctors in the video…

Source: Mosnews


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