What the crap: Piss Power?


toiletThink it’s a waste that all the fluids we drink just pass through us and down the drain? Maybe we should put that yellow stuff to use.

Those crazy guys in lab coats are working on an energy system that will run on piss! Yes, urine…Pretty sick isn’t it? They say that a single cow can produce enough hot water for 19 homes. I hope it’s not cow whiz in that water. If this technology evolves it could be used to power pretty much anything, cars, homes, or even personal electronics. I wouldn’t mind pissing on an iPod, but I might reconsider if it’s going to make it last longer. Could you imagine gas stations after this change? Would they be obsolete or would there be people chugging water waiting to empty a bladder into a gas tank.

The technology would separate the hydrogen atoms and harness them for energy. But don’t start saving your piss yet, personal use generators are a ways off.

Source: Discovery


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