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Mothership_ZetaNew image from Bethesda’s newest DLC pack for Fallout 3. They came in peace, but will leave in pieces. Possible Spoilers ahead.

Mothership Zeta, the fifth and possibly final DLC pack for Fallout 3, is expected to be released to the Xbox Live Marketplace and PC on July 28th. Assuming no game breaking mess ups happen like The Pitt.

Zeta is said to take place almost entirely on a space ship. Giving the players a new experience and an escape from those amazing brown and yellow landscapes of the Capitol Wasteland. The gameplay for Zeta will start when the player responds to a distress signal being broadcast from a downed scout ship somewhere in the waste. This is the same ship that players can find and acquire the Alien Blaster, one of if not the strongest weapon in the game.

From there, the player will be abducted into the ship, where they will meet new enemies in the form of aliens, and possible allies from other abductees. The gameplay is said to not be as linear, and will allow for exploration aboard the ship, which is styled after 1950s B-Movie alien ships. There is also new weapons and armor for the player to find and make use of.

When will the PS3 get this? Not sure. The PSN hasn’t released Operation: Anchorage yet; the first DLC pack for Fallout 3 that came out in January of this year. Original release for Anchorage was the end of June, but has now been pushed back to late this month with a hopefully steady release of DLC after that.

Along with new DLC packs coming out for both systems is a Game of the Year edition. The GOTY edition will be the original Fallout 3 game, along with all the DLC packs up to Zeta.

Mothership Zeta will cost 800 Microsoft points, roughly $10, and the GOTY edition is expected to cost $50-60.

Sources: OXM, IGN, The Hachiko


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