Urban Outfitters is selling fixies.


So, I know most of you who keep up with fixed gear business have already seen the posts over at Prolly’s blog, Hipster Nascar, et cetera but I feel compelled to say something, so I’ll keep this short. Well, I’ll try too.

Madness! Never would I have thought this would happen, but now that it has I guess I should have seen it coming. Mainstream fashion and cycling finally merge to make sure you leave the store with everything you need to show you are the cock of the walk in today’s hip culture.

Head on over too… *blurg* sorry threw up in my mouth a little. Head on over to Urban Outfitters Bike Shop to check out their sick bikes. At least they are putting brakes on them so they aren’t single-handedly selling death by car accident to their customers too. Unless car accidents are trendy, then they’ll probably sell the bike and car related death as a combo. Maybe Urban Outfitters will start selling PBR at their stores too? Time will tell.

Source: UrbanOutfitters.com (UO Bike Shop)


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2 Responses to “Urban Outfitters is selling fixies.”

  1. Everett Turner Says:

    How much longer until we can call Urban Outfitters the alternative Walmart?

  2. Corey Caudill Says:

    Lol, they’ll have a grocery store and everything.

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