Namco X Capcom in English!


Transgen is a group focusing on translating titles that have yet to come stateside. I was following their progress on Namco X Capcom for some time but after their website went down awhile ago I gave up on it. Luckily, I had the urge to check in on it to find a new site and a final version released!

Not sure what Namco X Capcom is about? Go here.

Final Version A has been released since February of this year and so far the only problem is the script. The script is not fully edited including some typos, and a lot of the translation is direct from the raw Japanese script which can be an awkward read at times. But according to their forums this is being addressed. They are currently cleaning up the script fixing any grammatical problems, and developing it to be more accessible to the native english speaking American audience.

To play this game first you must have a PS2 with some sort of modification, these modifications can range from using the disc swapping method to installing a HDD to boot games. You must also have a working ISO of Namco X Capcom which can be obtained by purchasing the title from your favorite importer and ripping it to your computer. (piracy is awesomely wrong!) Once you get this far follow the Read Me file that accompanies the translation patch download and patch the ISO with sexy, awkwardly worded english. After all this, you should have a working copy of Namco X Capcom: english style, unless you can’t follow directions then you’ll have a useless DVD-R.

I’ve just ordered my copy, I’ll post a follow up with impressions soon. Stay posted!

Source: Transgen


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2 Responses to “Namco X Capcom in English!”

  1. TC Says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. The Transgen website is down and not accessible.

    Any chance you could send me the Final Version A patch?

    Thank you

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