Like lights and a bag of randomness?



I love The site specializes in one day sells, and the deals are amazing! Sometimes they have really good stuff, sometimes they have awful stuff. But that’s just how it goes there. They often do a grab bag called Bag O’ Crap that sells out within 5 minutes of being put on the site at 12 AM PST (1 AM EST) always leaving me sad and alone. But today they’re celebrate their 5th year mark and they are doing something special.

They are selling their ridiculous woot-off usb powered lights for 3 bucks (plus 5 for shipping) but that’s not all. There is a slim chance they will throw in a Bag O’ Crap with your purchase! Here is how they are working out who gets a bag and who doesn’t:

… if the last digit of your order number matches the last integer digit (that’s the ones digit) of the final Dow Jones Industrial Average at the close of business Monday, July 13, 2009 (after all settling), we’ll send you a bonafide Bag O’ Crap. We promise only that it will include a bag and some quantity of crap. Thrilling, we know.

Very thrilling. I’m currently placing an order now hoping to get a Bag O’ Crap and you should too! You should also start checking during your nightly internet surfing because you will never know what will pop up on there. You should hurry though, these are one day sales and they will end tonight at 1 AM (12 AM PST).



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