Spoon’s new single has got me hooked.


So as I said in the Benefit show post I’m out of town. Where am I? Well I came to help my Dad with some work on the farm (yes I live on a farm). What does this have to do with Spoon’s new single?

WNRN is a commercial free radio station from Charlottesville, that broadcasts there (91.9), Richmond (103.1), and Lynchburg (88.1). They play a wide range of music from modern to indie and obscure stuff. Every time I’ve had to use my car for something lately I’ve caught Spoon’s new single “Got Nuffin” but was only in the car long enough to hear the song, and never to find out who played it. Finally after this 3 hour car ride to home I heard it enough times I had to google who it was.

Good thing too because this song is so infectious. It first enters your ears with a simple drum beat, then comes the rhythm guitar establishing a guide for the lyrics to pour over. I had always been on the fence about Spoon only being able to like a song to a certain extent and never really having an extreme reaction to the music, until now. I can’t help but tap my foot and rock to the beat.

They released a single with “Got Nuffin” and two other tracks, “Tweakers” and “Stroke Their Brains.” I haven’t heard the other two, but if they are anything like “Got Nuffin” they are setting up for an awesome LP.

You can go hear the song at Last.fm or Creative Loathing. Or you can go buy the single in any format you’d like over at Spoon’s website. Its conveniently placed on the front page!


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