Scribblenauts Inspires… MORE SCRIBBLENAUTS?!


Man, not only has this game generated enough buzz to drown out a lot of console heavy hitters but has spawned hilariously cute Scribblenaut fan art.

I mean come on, look at Conan O’Brian ready to pull up any of Scribblenauts 10,000 usable in game items just by writing the word on the Nintendo DS. I wonder if he saw this in his Year 2000 sketch’s. Not sure what Scribblenauts is? Here is the wikipedia page.

Reader Jason hooks us up again linking me to Edison Yan’s blog, Egg Doodles, where he showcases his Street Fighter themed Scribblenauts.


This is just SF2 and 3rd Strike, he has Alpha and IV versions on his site.

Source: Egg Doodles (Street Fighter X Scribblenauts)


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One Response to “Scribblenauts Inspires… MORE SCRIBBLENAUTS?!”

  1. Everett Turner Says:

    I love the ones for 3s. Too bad I don’t have a DS.

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