Knowing is half the battle.



Nick Cage stars in Knowing. A movie about numbers, stuff blowing up, and terrible parenting.

I recently watched Knowing hoping for a good end of the world style disaster movie. What I got was 121 minutes of insanity. Knowing starts out as a numerologist’s wet dream. Some unknown force puts a series of numbers in a young girl’s mind. She then writes all the numbers down and then they get shoved in a time capsule for 50 years as part of a school project.

Cue the 50th anniversary of the capsule and they crack that sucker open.  The class 50 years ago drew pictures of what they thought the future would be like, except our little numerologist friend.  Later on the numbers are revealed to be a list of all disasters in the world, the date, how many people died and the coordinates.

I liked the story the movie had, list of numbers that foreshadow terrible events. If only the movie was half as good as that. I’ve never known Nicolas Cage to be a great actor. He’s done some decent stuff but nothing that has really caught the attention of anyone. His character is the emotionally wounded widower that is over protective of his son; yet at the same time he should be nominated as worst father ever.

In scenes where he needs to be concerned, he delivers it like week old pizza. Stale and stuck to the bottom of the box. In others where he needs to be distraught, he delivers it so over the top that it’s laughable.

The story flows along fairly well. There are times where the plot seems to drag a little with unnecessary scenes and events. Then some are so bizarre and out of nowhere that it catches you off guard. Watching the fall of mankind with Beethoven’s 7th playing is quite surreal, but I’m twisted enough to like it.

The special effects were pretty nice. There were some sections that looked off, like CGI fire. I’ve never seen good realistic CGI fire in a live action movie.  The way the special effects were used for the destruction scenes gave them the look and feel one could expect when a plane cuts through a row of traffic and explodes in a field with Nick Cage running at it like a five year old to candy.

Over all, I’d say Knowing is meh. It’s got a good story and direction, it’s just the acting and pacing that brought the film down for me. I’d check it out if you’re a Nick Cage fan or just like seeing stuff get messed up.


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