July 16th Tornado Flame Host’s Catered Game Night.


Tornado Flame (the goofy guy secretly giving you the finger) of TornadoFlame.com has some how convinced the restaurant, Elephant Thai, to let him host a video game gathering at their new location in Hopewell Virginia named Elephant Thai 2.

Here is a quote from his post over at SRK:

Elephant Thai would like us to host a Gaming gathering at their new restaraunt in Hopewell, VA on July 16th. They will also be catering the event as well. The restaraunt has been around for quite some time, and they have added a second location in Hopewell, VA and the good is some of the best Thai around. We will will be playing the following:

Street Fighter IV
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
and whatever else anyone wants to bring.

I can organize special events for the gatherings such as 5 on 5 Exhibitions but it will be more of a social event where we talk about gaming and have fun. They have a huge bar as well for all the alcoholics We’re pretty much gonna gather up, have fun, eat Thai, and play our games of choice. Please bring TVs and systems as well. This should be a pretty fun event. I’m gonna try to take these to different locations each time. Next, we will be having the gathering at Laser Force for some laser tag, but this time we’re gonna eat some Thai and drink some Thai Tea

It sounds awesome, Elephant Thai is a great restaurant that also have many vegetarian and vegan options. I’m going to be there and maybe another here from Stuff so you can come out and challenge us in some fightin’ games or, if you bring your own game we’ll beat you in that! We may even bring some stuff to give away so mark your calendars!

Source: Shoryuken.com (TornadoFlame.com Presents Thai Food Fight Night July 16th 2009)


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4 Responses to “July 16th Tornado Flame Host’s Catered Game Night.”

  1. theblackivylives Says:

    i know nothing about fighting games, but, mmmm…Thai is good.

  2. Everett Turner Says:

    If I somehow get enough gas money, I’ll try to make it.

  3. Joe Ruckert Says:

    if i dont have work ill be there

  4. Smells like scrubs and thai food. « Stuff Says:

    […] Tornado Flame’s Catered Game Night is tonight. Don’t remember? Check out the specifics here. There was some confusion about the time but not it is scheduled to start at 6 PM. Location is […]

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