2 Free Weeks of Netflix Part Deux: The Dramatic Conclusion


20080923-Netflix_Composite So yesterday we gave you ten through six of Stuff’s Top Ten Box of Netflix movies, highlighting the best movies from my two week Netflix experience. I’m already starting to miss access to a huge library of movies and shows; normal television just doesn’t cut it anymore. Anyway, as promised, here’s the top 5:

5. 12 Monkeys
12 monkeys

I’ve seen bits and pieces of this movie on TV, but never enough to know what it was about. I think one time I even saw the ending, but luckily I forgot what happened. If you somehow managed to miss out on this like me, it stars Bruce Willis who plays one of the few survivors of a deadly virus and must travel back in time to find a cure.

4. No Country for Old Men
no country for old men

Merely five minutes after watching, I’m already drawn in to this movie. The story mostly follows Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) who is being pursued by Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), who is described as a psychopath and is known for killing everyone who has seen his face. It’s really interesting to see the two characters interact; on the surface, it portrays the classic good vs. evil, but their direct and to-the-point personalities show many similiariaties.

3. Dog Day Afternoon
dog day afternoon

“Attica! Attica!” Who can do without some classic Al Pacino? Yes, I was one of the few that have never seen this movie, at least not in its entirety, and it didn’t disappoint. Pacino plays a charismatic bank robber that proves to be more than the average criminal; he “knows about a lot of things.”

2. Gattaca

Somehow I never knew anything about this movie. I only knew the name because of a joke from Home Movies: Brendon Small wants to make an educational film for kids and his teacher asks him if he wants to make something like Sesame Street, and he replies, “I was thinking more on the lines of… Gattaca!” Now I understand why Brendon was so excited when mentioning this movie. Ethan Hawke plays a character set in a futuristic dystopia where genetic engineering turns discrimination into a science.

1. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
before the devil knows you're dead

This was such a great surprise, I randomly came across this film because of it’s ratings and with out watching the trailer, I decided, why not? Once again, Ethan Hawke gives a great performance along with Philip Seymore Hoffman; their chemistry is amazing. They play brothers in need of money, and decide to rob a jewelry store owned by their own mother. Ideally, insurance will pay for their parents and everyone will be set. Everything goes horribly wrong, and each problem just leads to the next, bringing out the worst in each character. Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead constantly builds tension until the shocking conclusion.

–Honorable mentions–

Ghost in The shell: SAC 2nd Gig

I didn’t think it was fair to put a series in a top ten list, but I really enjoyed this. Fans of the first season won’t be disappointed, 2nd Gig has the usual mind bending plot, but this time it’s bigger and more political.

The Cool School: How L.A. Learned to Love Modern Art

As the only documentary, this was also hard to put on the list. Anyone interested in the art scene in L.A., or just modern and avant-garde art, will love this movie.

Sources: Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes


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3 Responses to “2 Free Weeks of Netflix Part Deux: The Dramatic Conclusion”

  1. Kevin Says:

    12 Monkeys? Is that about MLK Jr. and his circle? A Dog Day Afternoon? Is that about Tyrone Brown, his dawgs, and their colorful adventures in his local hood’ one afternoon? I’m glad there is a black voice on Stuff is Stuff. I was about to call Al Sharpton.

  2. Justin Says:

    Who needs rotten tomatoes(?!) when you have a viewer right here with good taste and knows what the hell he’s talking about. You forgot to mention that 12 Monkeys has a psychotic Brad Pitt, can’t miss out on that.

  3. Everett Turner Says:

    Haha yeah, Brad Pitt was great. I was kind of surprised he played that role.

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