Look At These Kicks!


Lets hope they are vegan!

Over at Keirincycle’s Blog they just posted up these new DVS X Keirin shoes that look very comfortable for riding around this summer. I’m taking a special interest in these because I really need new shoes, mine have holes in the bottom of them.

Source: Keirincycle’s Blog (DVS X Keirin Shoe!)


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4 Responses to “Look At These Kicks!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    This shoe makes me erect. Nice kicks.

  2. Terd Snatcher Says:

    already been done by vans.

  3. Ja Says:

    It’s not about what has or has not been done, that I can say for sure. DVS has supported one of Keirin’s owners for god knows how long…this collabo shoe is an evolved form of that support.

    • Corey Caudill Says:

      Exactly. Not to mentioned you can tell that a lot of care went into this product, as the shoes look to be reinforced in just the right areas to hold up against the daily wear and tear from using cages. Vans look to be like every other vans just with cogs and crazy colors.

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